When it comes to art and design I just freely create and set the rules aside.  As a result, I have no guidelines to adhere to and no fences around my creativity. My work isn't limited to one specific style - it is constantly evolving.  Although I relate most to Abstract Expressionism, I often call upon my early illustrative days of a more whimsical nature.  While the final product is what is ultimately seen by others, it’s the experience of creating it that I truly love and that is why I paint.  I am very much at home when I'm wearing overalls and covered in paint. 

I love color but also need vast amounts of white space and I'm forever playing with the balance between the two.  I find the most beauty in the most minimal forms and have always been drawn to cool colors over warm ones. I'm coastal + southern and I always find inspiration back home. Even after living all over the world, I am forever haunted by the South and it's no secret that I crave it. I was raised in Alabama, educated in Texas and currently reside in Florida. The culture and soul in the South feeds the imagination like nowhere else.  Geography, water and wide open spaces make their way into my work time and time again. 

I attended Baylor University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and followed it up with a degree from the University of Texas in Arlington.  I began painting shortly after college and have enjoyed every step of the growth process along the way.  Working out of both Palm Beach county and the 30A area of Florida is an absolute dream and an endless source of inspiration.  

Each piece is unique and each piece created is an experience and a representation of what I see in the world.  I consider it an enormous gift to get to create for a living.  I'm grateful for mercy, grace and forgiveness.  I'm excited about "The Great Commission."