Serena & Lily Atlanta

I recently had the opportunity to spend the afternoon at the beautiful Serena & Lily store in the Westside Provisions district of Atlanta.  What a delight!  We spent the afternoon chatting with other Well and Wonder artists and discussing all things art.  The store itself is a masterpiece with beautiful textures and exquisite furnishings.  They displayed a number of our pieces on a beautifully pulled together gallery wall.  I was fortunate enough to meet both the clients that purchased my pieces.  Meet Marching Lions, a 48x60 that I know went to a wonderful home!  

ATL_Marching Lions_48x60 Acrylic on Canvas_4100.jpg

And then there's Trading Elizabeth, a soothing soft bit of happy.  And the name... I love the story behind the name. Ask me sometime...

ATL_Trading Elizabeth_36x36C.jpg